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Meet the FL4K team

Eli Strauss-Reis

Founder and Chief Technological Officer

Eli is currently taking time off from Stanford University, where he studies linguistics and computer science. From a very young age, Eli has been fascinated with learning languages. He is a happy polyglot, fluent in Spanish and Mandarin and studying new languages and their influences on culture whenever he can. Eli studied in China through a State Dept. scholarship and has taught Chinese to children during summers at Concordia Language Villages. Ever since Eli started CS at Stanford, he has wanted to apply his knowledge to establish a foreign language school for this new generation of learners and address the current problems with foreign language instruction in the U.S.

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Kit Strauss

Founder and Chief Educational Officer

Kit graduated from Cornell and UVA Law. After having kids, she realized her passion was teaching creatively, as she naturally inserted a fun element of learning into everyday family events. In particular, Kit wanted to create a successful path for her kids to learn to communicate in multiple languages with ease and confidence. This experience connected Kit with many language teachers and experts, paving the way and inspiring the creation of FL4K. Today, it has become an all-in-one platform providing teachers and parents with actionable tools and knowledge they can use in teaching Spanish online or on-site.

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Elena Giudice

Head of Curriculum Development, upper elementary & middle school

Elena has broad experience teaching Spanish and French in the US and schools in France, Puerto Rico, and Malta. Elena has been trained in many frameworks such as the AP, IB, IPC, and Montessori, taking notes from each. Elena has founded lower school programs and led teacher teams as department chair. In addition, Elena leads workshops advocating for oral proficiency and a real-life application focus for world language programs.

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Laura Davis

Director of Curriculum Development, preschool & elementary school

Laura is a language and travel enthusiast with over ten years of experience teaching Spanish from pre-K to 5th grade in the USA and in Spain. Laura is passionate about children starting their second language journey as early as possible. Her focus has been on cultivating exciting ways for young students to love and learn a second language, which helps keep Spanish lessons online at FL4K fun and enjoyable.

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Holly Morse

Specialist, Oral Proficiency, PreK-12

Holly has been a World Language teacher for 43 years. She has been trained as a MOPI, AAPPL, and AP rater. With the help of Greg Duncan and Helena Curtain, experts in language teaching, she led her department in developing an oral proficiency-based program according to ACTFL standards. What fuels her passion for teaching Spanish online with FL4K is her desire to help students build confidence and competence in speaking a second language through engaging instruction.

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Daniel Quijano

UI/UX Designer

Danny is a Product Designer born and raised in San Jose, California, and a recent graduate of California Polytechnic State University. He's passionate about designing and developing digital products that people can use with ease and enjoy. This inspires him to keep FL4Ks comprehensive platform for teaching Spanish online convenient for teachers, parents, and students alike. Danny also incorporates Gestalt psychology and the latest UX methods into his designs to ultimately craft the most pleasant browsing experience for users. Away from his computer, he can be found watching sports, eating food at his favorite local spots or running around at Disneyland with his loved ones. Danny is a novice watch collector as well.

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Hoc Le Viet


Hoc Le is a motivated and dependable web developer with comprehensive skills in multiple technologies. He is a fast and dedicated learner with a growth mindset, constantly looking to develop new skills and expand technical knowledge. With many years of experience working in local and global companies for many learning platforms, Hoc Le emphasizes responsibility, communication, and efficiency. He also likes helping children with learning and uses this passion to keep FL4Ks Spanish lessons online responsive and easy to navigate - just the way they should be.

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Hannah Silva

Marketing Specialist

Hannah is a Marketing Specialist for FL4K with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. She has a passion for marketing and enjoys using her skills to contribute to the exciting advances that happen every day at FL4Ks foreign language school.

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