Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Kit Strauss

January 24, 2018

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In an increasingly interconnected world, learning a second language can be both an exciting and challenging endeavor for children. Not only does a foreign language allow children to embrace other cultures and deepen their understanding, but it also offers them a glimpse into how the world works. Children who speak a second language can communicate with diverse communities, expand their educational and social opportunities, and prepare for overall success in their adult lives.

Children reap significant advantages when learning a foreign language at an early age. Research studies demonstrate the benefits of cognitive strengths such as creativity when children begin to learn foreign languages at a young age. Additionally, children develop listening, observation and problem-solving skills which improves performance on standardized tests. On a personal note, children who become bilingual tend to have more self-confidence and tolerance than their peers who are considered monolingual.

Encouraging children to learn a language will benefit them both personally and professionally. In addition, bilingual children feel comfortable growing up in an increasingly globalized society. Our purpose with this blog is to keep parents and educators excited and informed about the prospects of foreign language learning and its impact on children. As we continue to move forward with interactive language learning tools, we will use this blog to provide tips, explore the latest research findings, and provide tips on how parents can support their children with foreign language learning.

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