We’re Different Than the Other World Language Programs, Here’s How!

We’re Different Than the Other World Language Programs, Here’s How!

Lakhwinder Singh

October 27, 2016

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We are so excited to share with you all the launch of our new blog! FL4K is an up and coming Spanish immersion program that is different from all those other ones out there.

Here’s how!


We are MEANT for Kids!

Many of those other Spanish immersion programs out there are not meant for kids. They were created for adults, and are now packaged and sold to the homeschool community. FL4K is different.

FL4K was created to give parents a fun and easy way for their children to learn Spanish.

Kit Strauss founded the Spanish immersion program for kids when she was unable to find quality foreign language products and programs for her three sons. Our video series incorporates a teaching style that Kit developed over a decade with her own children. It combines immersion with visuals – adding a good dose of humor and fun.

Our game Dice Off™ was developed out of Kit’s early experiences with her own children. She would make up games her children enjoyed. She also studied world language teachers and classes to find the most positive ways for kids to learn. Our program was clearly designed FOR kids!

Immersion is Best!

When your child is learning to say his first words, how does he do that? Does he watch a video? Repeat into a microphone after hearing a word? No. He picks up on his first words by being involved in day to day life. He hears the words, he sees the words, he FEELS the words. This is called immersion.

And this is EXACTLY how FL4K teaches Spanish. Our videos walk you through a family’s day-to-day life. Through our videos, your kids will HEAR and SEE the words being used. Our characters are real life people who speak the words with feeling.  They interact with their siblings, pets, and in their community. The whole program is in Spanish just like a child who is learning their native language hears it spoken in their day to day lives.

With FL4K, your children will not be learning mute phrases like, “The man drank” or “The woman eats”. Your child will be learning REAL phrases that are spoken in REAL life on a daily basis.

This is immersion. Very few programs make learning Spanish meaninful and practical. But, FL4K DOES!

The Whole Family Can Learn Together! 

One of the best parts about FL4K is that even though it is designed for kids, the whole family can learn together. The videos are geared towards preschool through sixth grade, but if you watch them with your children you and your teens will learn too. With an immersion approach, it is nearly impossible to NOT pick up on the Spanish language. This means the whole family can use our Spanish immersion program together! Not one by one on the computer or with mom going from child to child using a workbook. One program. One lesson. Together. That is how FL4K works!

We are FUN!

FL4K is a fun program. It is not another task to mark off of your to-do list. We offer hands-on games, learning activities, colorful workbooks with hands-on teaching ideas, and much more.  Painful memorization is not useful or fun.

Bottom line: Your kids will not complain about learning Spanish! They may even BEG to do it!

Don’t believe me?  Read some of our many testimonials from happy customers! Check out these reviews and hear from others who have used the program.

Then, come back and give us a try! We promise you will NOT be disappointed!

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