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Spanish Songs for Kids

FL4K is thrilled to incorporate Spanish music into its new language and culture curriculum.

Spanish songs have been woven into our new program to teach and reinforce Spanish vocabulary, language structure, and culture. The songs also provide more robust support as students develop their listening and speaking skills.

FL4K provides teachers and parents with both authentic Spanish music and songs created specifically to teach Spanish to kids.

Traditional Music from the Hispanosphere

Students view age-appropriate, patriotic, and traditional Hispanic music videos with accompanying lyrics and activities to help expand their Spanish vocabulary and understanding of Hispanic culture.

Advancing cultural self-awareness and curiosity

Diverse traditional Hispanic music videos help students reflect on and talk about cultural similarities and differences in the products, perspectives, and practices found in the lyrics or visuals.

Repetition of language occurs naturally in most music forms

Consistently repeating refrains and melodies make learning and remembering Spanish vocabulary effortless for students.

Easy and memorable way to learn Spanish sentence structure

Songs make it simple for students to become familiar with Spanish language constructions and variations. Even without formal instruction, students often use the constructions automatically in conversation.

Spanish Songs by Charlotte Diamond

Kids ❤️ her music and lyrics

“This is my favorite song ever!” students are often heard exclaiming after listening to Charlotte Diamond’s song “Soy una pizza”!

Her music inspires creativity and imagination

The songs tap into students' imagination and creativity, often inspiring students to make up new lyrics by replacing words or phrases.

Catchy tunes teach vocabulary

Students catch on quickly to her playful tunes, giving them confidence and growing their vocabulary effortlessly.

Teachers love using this fun and versatile resource

FL4K offers activities and suggestions about how teachers and parents can incorporate her songs into their Spanish classroom or at home.

About Charlotte Diamond

Charlotte Diamond is a trilingual children’s singer and performer, writing and performing songs in English, French, and Spanish. Her fun and upbeat songs charm both children and adults alike, leaving them with positive and encouraging messages.

Music has always been a part of Charlotte’s life, whether through teaching music to youth or singing in groups. Turning this passion into a profession, she formed her Hug Bug Band. Charlotte has been the recipient and nominee for many awards and has received honorable recognitions throughout her career. In 2018, Charlotte was appointed to the Order of Canada “for her contributions as a children’s entertainer who, through music, helps develop creativity and self-expression in youth.”

Contemporary Latin Music

Students are introduced to a collection of musical genres, songs, and dances representative of Spanish-speaking countries.

Using authentic resources

Through music popular and typical in Spanish-speaking cultures, students explore, appreciate, enjoy, and learn about the rhythms, instruments, and sounds of the Americas and Spain.

Introducing students to the influences that contribute to present-day Latin American cultural heritage

Through music videos, students learn about the distinctive blends and connectedness of the indigenous, African, European, and Arab influences that are part of today’s cultural heritage of Latin America.

Developing students’ ability to discuss different genres of Latin Music

As they explore Spanish-speaking countries through FL4K adventures, students learn and reinforce simple vocabulary that will help them communicate their opinions and preferences on different genres of music.