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Students won't realize they're learning while using FL4K's brand new, state-of-the-art language games and activities, created by teachers and linguists, as part of our Spanish program. For other foreign languages or additional Spanish vocabulary, teachers and parents can choose from our bank of games or add their own content for interactive games teaching whatever they want. Students can play individually or with fellow classmates and friends in school or at home.



Keep leveling up your Spanish skills through this game by learning Spanish vocabulary without realizing it.

Fly Swatter

A beloved teacher and student favorite to learn Spanish can now be played online by a single student, in small groups, and even by the entire class!

This colorful town es pequeño y está en el centro de Colombia, on the shores of the Embalse Guatapé, un lago muy grande en Colombia. It’s famous for its streets lined with bright paintings of personas y personas on the lower halves of the homes.

FL4K Cultural Adventures

Through simulated social media posts, students are presented with lively images and videos. They interact in real time with their classmates sharing their answers to open ended questions, taking polls, and commenting by text or voice.

Practice Questions

Choose from 15 different types of practice questions to provide students practice in the Spanish skills you want to focus on, whether it’s listening, speaking, reading, writing, or all four!

Interactive Dialogues

Improve your oral proficiency by practicing Spanish conversations and viewing a playback of conversations in your own voice. Students will be eager to speak Spanish over and over again!