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Interactive Dialogs

Students won't hesitate to speak Spanish when they get to steal the show! In this activity, students hear a model conversation, listen only or listen and read each Q&A set, and then record themselves for the question or answer. The activity culminates with a movie, which stars the student speaking Spanish in the entire dialog!

Welcome to Interactive Dialogs!

We hope you're as excited about this activity as our team of world language teachers are! Hear from Holly Morse, our oral proficiency specialist, and Elena Giudice, our interculturality specialist, about our Interactive Dialogs.

Culture Dialog Demo

Our new program intertwines Spanish language and culture. This video shows a sample of one of our culture dialogs. Take a look!

Language Dialog Demo

Accompanying our immersive Spanish videos will now be interactive dialogs! These dialogs will reinforce the Spanish from the stories and give students many opportunities to talk with Eli, Andy, Parker, Gracie, Stephanie, and even to Grande and Pequeña! Here's a sample from Basketballs aren't for Breakfast.