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Fly Swatter

We've taken the classic world language Fly Swatter activity and made it virtual! Students can play on their own and aim to beat their high score or with their class or group, playing competitively or cooperatively. Classes and groups can also play each other, working collaboratively in teams.

Welcome to Fly Swatter

See veteran world language teachers, Elena Giudice and Holly Morse, explain the virtual Fly Swatter game and how it came to be. This video demonstrates the Fly Swatter game:

  • using image, text, and audio prompts
  • using image answers
  • merging our Spanish language and culture program

Rose Armstrong, former World Language Supervisor, K-12

Washington Township Public School District

FL4K is cutting edge technology designed to provide a one-stop shop for teachers so that students have comprehensible input in context, an innovative approach to teaching interculturality, and ready-made activities that engage the learners in a fun, exciting way. An example is the virtual fly swatter game. WL teachers have been using this game in classrooms. FL4K created it in an interactive, multiplayer game emphasizing collaboration of students. It includes audio and imaging that engages the learner.

Which Fly Swatter games would you like?

Fly Swatter is completely customizable. To start, we will have a bank with pre-made games for all levels of Spanish, including the first two years of high school.

We'll be adding banks for additional languages, as well as continually adding content for Spanish. If your school or district would like us to add specific content, for Spanish or any world language, please send us a request!

This video shows a sample of a Fly Swatter game for intermediate Spanish. The prompts are text, audio, and text with audio. The answers here are all text. Teachers can easily replace and switch text, audio, and image prompts and answers in any of our games, or start from scratch and make a new game with any content they want!