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Practice and Assessments

Our user-friendly and versatile practice questions make it easier than ever for teachers and students to achieve their goals in the world language classroom. With 15 variations of question prompts and answers, using varied combinations of audio, images, reading, writing, and recording, every student will get the practice they need to succeed.

What's more, the clean design is so easy to use that even young students can start recording from day one.

Recording, Listening, Reading, and Writing Questions

Here's a sample of our practice questions, including recording, audio, text, and image prompts and answers. With the click of a button, questions can be made into assessments. The questions have been modified for many levels of Spanish, including immersion. They can be taken from our curriculum; our pre-made bank of activities for elementary, middle, and high school; or you can use our template to make your own for Spanish — or any language you wish!

Teacher Feedback

Teacher Feedback

For student recordings and other answer types, teachers can quickly and easily provide feedback via text or recording. Students can reply with either text or recording as well.

Screenshot of an HL reading comprehension question with the UI all in Spanish

Immersion Programs

For Spanish immersion programs, all of our practice questions and assessments are entirely in Spanish, including instructions, if selected by the teacher. Teachers can also customize all audio, images, text, and recording prompts and answers.