Our innovative, award-winning Spanish videos for kids teach Spanish through a thematic and cohesive foundation for our entire curriculum. Reinforcing and expanding upon the content in the video series is a complete curriculum with a diverse selection of state-of-the art interactive activities, a unique approach to teaching grammar, and truly engaging cultural adventures — and it all starts here with our Spanish videos for kids!

Immersive Spanish videos

Story-based learning

Linguistic studies show that children learn language largely from other children. In age-appropriate contexts, FL4K's Spanish videos feature kids speaking Spanish at a natural but understandable pace, commonly resulting in students spontaneously imitating and speaking Spanish without thinking about it. Translations aren't necessary due to the contexts and visual cues presented, so students are able to become accustomed to the sounds of the Spanish language quickly and start thinking in Spanish right from the start.

Spanish videos that are all about kids!

Kids are naturally curious about and fascinated by other kids! So we made kids and their interests the center of our Spanish video series. Kids are also drawn into stories with relatable content, which is why our video plots contain fun and unexpected twists that further engage students as they wait to see what happens next. Students love to learn about the characters, who range in age from 7 to 17, and watch their quirky personalities unfold. Adults are often heard in the stories but craftily hidden from view.

I wanted to let you know as a mother of a child in a dual-language class who freaked out during Covid and did not want my 1st grader falling behind, your program was THE BEST program I could find on the internet and I researched and scoured. It has been a huge form of education and entertainment to both myself and my daughter for the entire year of Covid. She LOVED the videos. I LOVED the activities. I just cannot say enough good things about it. 

- Jennifer Morgan, parent

Oral proficiency in real-world communication

The goal of learning a new language is typically for students to achieve oral proficiency, the ability to effectively and spontaneously communicate in real-world situations. To reach oral proficiency, as well as retain the language long-term, students must be exposed to a certain amount of strategic repetition. Students must also have opportunities to experience the language as it's actually spoken and used.

Our videos — and the FL4K Spanish curriculum — are based on this premise. Instead of learning isolated vocabulary separate from real conversatiion, our video series weaves the Spanish language taught throughout the program so that students build their speaking skills from 1-3 words into full conversations one step at a time.

I just wanted to let you know how much my children have LOVED your program. They watch the videos over and over again.

- Melissa Moore, parent