Discover the FL4K Programs for Homeschools and Families

FL4K equips homeschool and non-homeschool families with a customizable, stress-free Spanish curriculum to use at home. Our program enhances learning through interactive activities and fun stories.

Choose your desired level of parent involvement

Hands-off Instruction

Students can learn entirely independently online either at home or in a classroom. Facilitators can easily check student progress and scores and ensure that students are studying for the desired amount of time.

Moderate Involvement

Facilitators can set up stations for small groups of students and explain the hands-on activities. Our activities include simple card games, drawings, activity pages, and worksheets. They are described in our Teacher’s Guides and can be adapted for online learning.

Engaged Involvement

The FL4K Spanish program provides a variety of activities that parents can select from based on their children's ages, interests, and levels. Siblings of different ages can learn together yet parents can easily differentiate the program for individual needs. Parents can learn along with their students. It's a wonderful family activity.

I have four children, ages 4-11, and they love your program. I even hear my 4-year old repeating Spanish words now during breakfast. Your program gave me the confidence to start Spanish with my children and it's been a great experience for us. Thank you!

- Katie Spiewak, parent, Mammoth Lake, CA

Fun and engaging learning for all students

Our program was created to give parents a fun and easy way to teach children Spanish at home, and it is the only Spanish program developed by a team of native and non-native speaking teachers and kids. Our Spanish videos walk students through a family’s day to day life focusing on events related to kids, teaching through language immersion. The whole program helps students build up language skills piece by piece until they gain a thorough understanding.

I wanted to ask three things: 1. Where can I leave a killer review? 2. I read somewhere last year during all my research where you said you might have a future program for Spanish in the works and were considering doing one in Chinese. I know Covid might have thrown a wrench in those for a minute, but what is the latest? 3. Where do I go from here? What will we do without Eli, Parker and Andy? Any suggestions for moving forward? My daughter is now in 2nd grade and besides your program, Spanish playground and a Spanish speaking baby-sitter 3 times a week, I'm at a loss and ready to move to Mexico or Spain. Help!

- Jennifer Morgan, parent, Miami, FL

A foreign language program that fits your priorities

The FL4K program focuses on developing strong comprehension and speaking skills. Our program also includes an optional culture and geography unit to help students understand the people and culture connected to the language. Our Spanish curriculum is appropriate for all beginning Spanish students. The curriculum has ample content for younger, non-reading students as well as more challenging material for older students. Parents can sign up for a free trial of the Spanish program before buying. We offer our full Spanish curriculum as well as many hands-on products for every type of learner. You can also reach out through our Contact Us page with questions about our products.

State-of-the-art skill building

Speaking, listening, reading, and writing

In the Spanish curriculum, FL4K students build skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing through a variety of activities using audio, text, image, and video prompts. The combination of scaffolded videos, interactive online games, and engaging cultural adventures will help students build all four skills right from the start.


Our Spanish curriculum includes frequent speaking opportunities for non-readers, such as participating in simulated dialogues, which include an automatic replay of the student speaking Spanish, as well as recording themselves speaking Spanish in response to audio, text, or image prompts.


For parents who speak Spanish at home and want their students to focus on reading skills, parents can select content focused on reading as well as have all materials and instructions in Spanish.


Students gradually build writing skills in Spanish through responses to questions related to the video stories, a range of characters, real-world situations, and cultural adventures.

The entire curriculum is taught with audio

FL4K's entire Spanish curriculum is presented to preschoolers in audio so they can learn with an entire program, instead of with games on different apps that don't connect together to build language proficiency.

Teach entirely in Spanish

For advanced students, parents can choose all instructions and materials to be in Spanish, including Aventuras culturales, our nine-level culture program, which provides an opportunity for students to read and discuss a wide range of subjects in Spanish, such as history, geography, the environment, nature, music, and more.

I purchased your complete set and I must say my kids and I absolutely LOVE it! They are learning so much and they feel comfortable speaking the words they know too. This is such an answer to prayer as I have tried every curriculum I can find and none of them get my kids communicating in Spanish which we desperately need since their grandparents are from Guatemala. Thank you for all your hard work and effort. It is truly changing our lives everyday!

- Amanda Arriola, homeschool parent, Indianapolis, IN

A flexible program for every family’s needs

The FL4K program is easy to implement into any homeschool. Depending on the content you choose to cover, the FL4K program can last from one year to several and can be used as a complete or supplemental curriculum. The program includes fun online and hands-on activities, games, colorful workbooks and more. Parents can customize their children’s learning based on learning styles, ages, and family schedules by selecting the appropriate activities. Our program also includes teachers guides to help create lesson plans for each family’s needs.