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Homeschool Spanish for Elementary-aged Children

In elementary school, your child starts to develop the skills that will help them succeed in language-learning for Spanish or other foreign languages in the future. Excellent basics in Spanish ensure your child will be confident and enthusiastic about learning language in middle school and beyond.

Our Elementary Spanish program for homeschool and families includes

Spanish videos that are immersive and story-driven

  • Kid-centered videos show familiar and fun situations
  • Likeable characters your child will want to imitate, mimicking their Spanish effortlessly
  • The Rapid Review Challenges ask students to race against the clock in providing spoken responses to prompts about the videos. Your child will enjoy the exciting competition while building confidence in their Spanish-speaking skills.

Online Spanish Games and Activities

  • Fly Swatter—kids get to smack virtual flies that match prompts with options to hear and/or see the prompts and responses
  • Interactive dialogues that allow your child to respond out loud in real time to everyday conversations
  • Other interactive and challenging games that keep students having fun while they are learning
  • All games can be customized for non-readers, full immersion experiences, or other accessibility needs.
  • Competition can be to beat your own high score or to compete against other players or groups

Cultural Adventures

Aventuras culturales

  • Helps your child discover the variety of Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures through the 9-level program
  • Includes authentic resources from each of the 11 Spanish-speaking countries
  • Encourages students to imagine visiting the countries, planning trips, and making recommendations for future adventurers
  • Provides simulated social media interactions for children to document and share their “travels”
The culture activity with a card featuring el delfin rosado and a yes-no prompt.

Music in Spanish

  • Upbeat and catchy Spanish songs by Charlotte Diamond
  • Traditional songs and dance music from Spanish-speaking countries
  • Opportunities for students to listen, understand, and sing along with the music as they learn Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation

Katie Spiewak, parent

Mammoth Lake, CA

I have four children, ages 4-11, and they love your program. I even hear my 4-year old repeating Spanish words now during breakfast. Your program gave me the confidence to start Spanish with my children and it's been a great experience for us. Thank you!

Norma Fleming

Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you for your programme.  I love it, and the kids enjoy the activities.  I can imagine how much time goes into the programmes, and I am very appreciative to you for providing such a wonderful resource.