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Homeschool Spanish for High School-aged Children

High schoolers are preparing for further studies and future careers, which typically means communicating across cultures, sometimes in a different language. Learning Spanish looks great on a resume or college application because employers and colleges are looking for people with effective communication skills who can navigate complex and distinct cultural environments. The FL4K program supports students in developing these incredibly valuable skills that lead to a successful future by providing experiences listening to authentic audio, practicing speaking the language, learning about other cultures, and becoming familiar with the major aspects of the Spanish language and culture.

Online Spanish Activities

Games are central to the FL4K program because they keep students engaged through competition while also helping them test and improve their Spanish skills. When high schoolers play games and complete activities, they are testing their understanding of concepts, words, and phrases, building new vocabulary, discovering their own strengths and weaknesses, and engaging in real world conversation. Text, images, audio, and recordings of their own voices provide high schoolers with sophisticated opportunities to learn and practice their Spanish communication skills, helping them build the confidence and proficiency to excel on AP/IB, SAT Subject Exams, or other standardized tests.

Aventuras Culturales

High schoolers have the opportunity to learn about other cultures, engage in cross-cultural communication, and become global citizens through FL4K’s Aventuras culturales program. The nine levels in the program take students to eleven Spanish-speaking countries around the world where they interact with authentic resources, listen to their music, and learn about their culture. With simulated social media, high schoolers can use a familiar mechanism to post about what they learn, document their “travels” and experiences, engage with the characters, and react with emojis. Authentic resources connect to the platform through relevant links which are updated regularly.