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Homeschool Spanish for Middle School-aged Children

In middle school, students start to enjoy testing out their Spanish through conversations and connections. FL4K works to support your child in building their vocabulary and practicing the language skills that will allow them to use Spanish in the real world. The goal is to give middle schoolers the linguistic competency and cultural knowledge that will help them excel at language learning in high school and beyond. Through our award-winning Spanish program, middle schoolers have extensive opportunities to practice speaking, playing games, discovering new cultures, researching, listening to authentic recordings, and familiarizing themselves with the sights, sounds, and rhythm of Spanish language and culture. Middle schoolers thrive as the FL4K program helps them become strong communicators with excellent global awareness.

Spanish online games

The FL4K program works by keeping your child interested in and excited about learning the Spanish language. Some of our best tools are the competitive and cooperative online games which give students opportunities to demonstrate their skills, challenge themselves and their peers, and assess their progress. The games incorporate thematic and cultural vocabulary while also helping middle schoolers get used to the underlying grammar of regular conversation. Through audio, text, image, and the recording feature, your child practices all four aspects of communication—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—to become a confident Spanish speaker who can use their language skills in the real world. These basics also prepare students for future participation in AP or IB Spanish classes and programs.

This colorful town es pequeño y está en el centro de Colombia, on the shores of the Embalse Guatapé, un lago muy grande en Colombia. It’s famous for its streets lined with bright paintings of personas y personas on the lower halves of the homes.

Interweaving Spanish Language and Culture

Because language and culture are intertwined, the FL4K Aventuras culturales program provides 9 levels of cultural study to help middle schoolers grow into global citizens. The authentic resources in the program come directly from the cultures being explored, so that students see and hear what the people and places are like and start to imagine the experience of visiting the Hispanic world. With simulated social media posts for students to share their insights and react with emojis, middle schoolers get to use familiar language tools to learn about new cultures. Links to authentic resources are reviewed and updates to ensure the cultural content is relevant and accessible.

Customize the content for your student

FL4K’s platform allows parents the flexibility to change and adapt features to create the best learning experience for their middle school child. Parents can choose which recording, text, or image appear, can add their own, or edit the existing ones, so that every activity, game, and assessment matches your goals for your child. The opportunity exists for parents to collaborate with other homeschoolers, sharing content and coordinating activities and games. Sharing permissions allow for either viewing or editing. These advanced customization features also enable you to support middle schoolers who are still working on reading or those who benefit from adaptive audiovisual tools. Other features can be used to create an entirely immersive experience with all content, including instructions and Aventuras culturales, in Spanish.