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High School

As students enter high school and prepare for further studies, trades, or careers, being able to communicate effectively in another language is extremely advantageous. Both linguistic proficiency and cultural competency allow us to successfully operate within contexts outside our own. This is most attainable through immersion but also through frequent oral practice, cultural readings, authentic audio, and overall exposure to the sights, sounds, and rhythm of the target language and culture. FL4K is committed to helping students develop invaluable communication skills through our high school Spanish online lessons as they become global citizens.

Online games

Integral to the FL4K program are highly-interactive foreign language-specific games and activities that keep students engaged while offering yet another opportunity for them to demonstrate understanding. We use innovative approaches to teaching Spanish online to high school students, improving comprehension and learning retention. These games and activities assess students formatively, checking their understanding of key concepts of the language, from thematic and cultural vocabulary to essential structures of grammar and conversation. With a variety of input (text, images, audio) and the ability to record, students have the opportunity to exercise all of the skills needed to practice language and build their confidence and proficiency both for standardized testing (AP/IB, SAT Subject Exams, etc.) and real-world communication.

Advanced customization

Teaching Spanish online to high school students allows instructors to customize the learning experience to suit each student’s needs. Teachers will enjoy the advantages of using advanced customization features in the FL4K program to edit and add a variety of content (whether text, images, or recordings) in activities, games, and assessments.

An added feature for high school teachers is the ability to collaborate with other teachers within a school or district, allowing them to share their customized curricula across levels or courses and to choose respective permissions for editing or viewing. In addition, this feature improves productivity and effectiveness in teaching Spanish online to high school students.

For high school students with learning disabilities and also for more reluctant readers, teachers can use FL4K’s advanced customization features to adjust the content and make use of audiovisual tools to complement their understanding.

Cultural explorations and insights

The FL4K program gives high school students a great opportunity to develop their interculturality and global citizenship skills when they study a language. FL4K uses authentic resources throughout its nine-level curriculum, ensuring that students can interact with the sights, sounds, people, places, and realities of the Hispanic world. Our high school Spanish online lessons include unique simulated social media posts within the program that inspire students to write or record their own reflections, make cultural comparisons, and react with emojis and/or authentic sayings. Relevant links to authentic resources are provided to complement and enhance the cultural content.

Why it works

Teachers ❤️

customizing for the differentiated classroom

having a varied toolkit (one-stop-shop) that keeps students focused and interested

collaborating with other teachers as they create their own customized material

following the ACTFL roadmap for oral proficiency (Novice–Intermediate)

using all the innovative features to develop proficiency in all four language learning modalities (reading, writing, speaking, and listening)

reinforcing language and culture through a uniquely-scaffolded curriculum

having a program that can be used independently by students

using FL4K videos and and games to supplement other existing curricula

most of all, knowing that students love FL4K!

Teens ❤️

being able to practice their Spanish right away

being able to think in Spanish

learning Spanish naturally and contextually

creating their own original scenarios and dialogues

investigating the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and using the designated roles presented through FL4K Aventuras culturales

playing the competitive and cooperative interactive games

taking charge of their learning through opportunities for independent practice

learning through real-world scenarios and applying what they know in a variety of situations

most of all, students are simply eager to come to class and learn Spanish with FL4K!