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Middle School

The middle-school years are optimal for experimenting with language and building conversational skills. FL4K’s Spanish program focuses on both vocabulary building and the reading, listening, and speaking skills that encourage and guide authentic conversation. The linguistic proficiency and cultural competency emphasized in our K-8 Spanish curriculum prepare middle schoolers for high school and beyond. Teaching Spanish online in middle school reinforces what students have already learnt in earlier years. This is accomplished through unique and creative opportunities for frequent oral practice, interactive games, cultural readings, research, authentic audio, and the sights, sounds, and rhythm of the Spanish language and culture. FL4K is committed to helping students develop invaluable communication skills as they become increasingly independent and globally aware.

Online games and activities

Integral to the FL4K curriculum are highly interactive foreign language-specific activities and games that keep students engaged while providing further opportunities to demonstrate understanding. These activities and games evaluate students formatively, checking their understanding of essential concepts of the language, from thematic and cultural vocabulary to key structures of grammar and conversation. We use age-appropriate methods when teaching Spanish to middle school students. With multiple input types – audio, text, images – and the recording feature, students exercise all four modalities of language, building their confidence and proficiency for real-world communication, as well as beginning to prepare for AP/IB exams.

Advanced customization

Teachers will enjoy the benefits of using FL4K's advanced customization features to edit and add their choice of content (recordings, text, or images) in the activities, games, and assessments. These tools make teaching Spanish online in middle school more engaging and effective.

Middle school teachers can also collaborate with other teachers within a school or district, sharing their customized activities, games, and even their curriculums across levels or courses and designating viewing or editing access.

For middle school students with learning differences or who are more reluctant readers, teachers can use FL4K’s advanced customization features to adapt the content and make use of audiovisual tools to complement their understanding.

For more proficient students and immersion programs, teachers in middle schools can opt to present all instructions and materials entirely in Spanish — including FL4K's nine-level culture program, which includes a variety of topics to advance students' reading, speaking, and writing skills.

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Aventuras culturales

While teaching Spanish online in middle school, instructors can use the FL4K program, which gives middle school students a great opportunity to develop their interculturality and global citizenship skills when they study Spanish. FL4K uses authentic resources throughout its nine-level culture program, ensuring that students can interact with the sights, sounds, people, places, and realities of the Hispanic world. Unique simulated social media posts within the program inspire students to write or record their own reflections, make cultural comparisons, and react with emojis and/or authentic sayings. Relevant links to authentic resources are provided and consistently updated to complement and enhance the cultural content.

Why it works

Teachers ❤️

using customization tools to meet differentiated learning needs

having access to so many activities, games, features, and modalities that keep middle school students engaged

exchanging customized material with other teachers easily

using age-appropriate videos with relatable comprehensible input and integrated authentic resources

following the ACTFL roadmap for oral proficiency (Novice–Intermediate)

helping students become proficient in all four language learning modalities (reading, writing, speaking, and listening)

connecting language and culture with a program that scales as students learn

enabling students to work independently and at their own pace

supplementing their own materials with FL4K games and features

most of all, that students love FL4K!

Students ❤️

interacting in Spanish from the beginning of the program

learning Spanish naturally and contextually

having fun learning a new language

finding out what happens to the humorous characters in the Spanish videos

creating their own original stories with middle-school drama

investigating the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and playing the designated roles in FL4K Aventuras culturales

challenging themselves and each other with the competitive and cooperative games

most of all, coming to class and learning Spanish with FL4K!

My Year 6 and 7 students have enjoyed Spanish with FL4K and much prefer this way of learning Spanish over using a textbook. My students now have more confidence and ownership in their Spanish learning. As a teacher, I feel very supported by the FL4K team in all aspects of planning and teaching.

- Amy Ramminger, elementary & middle school Spanish teacher, Seacombe Gardens, Australia