FL4K and ACTFL Standards at a Glance


FL4K’s Alignment with ACTFL Standards

World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages (5 Cs)

  • Communication

  • Cultures

  • Connections

  • Comparisons

  • Communities

Provides opportunities to compare, connect, and communicate through cultural contexts and provide ideas for teachers and students to interact with local and international communities.

ACTFL 21st Century World-Readiness Standards

Provides opportunities for collaboration, promoting leadership, critical thinking and problem solving, decision-making, developing technology and media literacy skills, encouraging accountability and responsibility, and developing interculturality and global citizenship.

The 2017 NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements Proficiency Benchmarks

Presents the products, practices, and perspectives of 11 Hispanic cultures with opportunities for investigation and interaction. The program includes cultural comparisons, reflection questions, polls, and opportunities for critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making with regard to the following topics: geography and climate, citizens, languages, sites of interest, transportation, animals, food, lodging, nature, adventures, contemporary topics, and the arts.

ACTFL Performance Descriptors for Language Learning

  • Three Ranges of Performance

  • Three Modes of Communication

Fosters an acquisition process with proficiency targets that lead to a student feeling comfortable and confident with the target language, with the goal of reaching a Novice-High or higher level of proficiency. Provides an engaging and fun language acquisition and intercultural awareness program possible for today’s student so that they can communicate naturally and spontaneously, including Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational skill-building with a complete video program interwoven with an intercultural curriculum, reading program, hands-on activities, online practice questions, and games specifically designed to build oral proficiency.

The NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do self-assessment checklists used by language learners to assess what they “can do” with language in the Interpersonal, Interpretive, and Presentational modes of communication.

Offers Can-Do Statements with built-in recording features for students to provide evidence of what they can do as they progress on a continuum of proficiency according to skill in an interwoven language and culture program with a seven-level intercultural curriculum for differentiation including heritage speakers.