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Homeschool Spanish for Preschool-aged Children

Teaching your preschooler Spanish is simple and fun with the FL4K preschool curriculum. Whether you speak Spanish at home or you want to add a foreign language to your child’s learning, our award-winning Spanish program for preschool provides your child with age-appropriate activities to practice speaking and listening skills.

Our program for preschool children includes

Spanish language & interculturality

  • Young children like to use all their senses, so our activities are designed to be multisensory.
  • Our exciting online Spanish games have an audio-only option for non-readers, so even our preschoolers can have fun playing!
  • Preschoolers can record themselves speaking Spanish in interactive dialogues, so they can play back their own voices speaking Spanish.
  • Hands-on activities include games, group projects, drawing, coloring, acting, and more.
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  • Videos with engaging stories made for kids learning Spanish
  • Kids are most interested in other kids, so our videos are for kids by kids.
  • Preschoolers love to follow the characters’ adventures from one story to the next.
  • Preschoolers quickly start to imitate the characters they love, starting to speak Spanish without effort.
  • Immersion is gradual and supported by context and visual cues so the stories are easy to children to understand

Digital toolkits

  • Young children learn Spanish without realizing it when they learn with fun and catchy Spanish songs.

  • Children sing along naturally and pick up the sounds of Spanish effortlessly.

  • The FL4K program includes the lively and upbeat Spanish songs from songwriter Charlotte Diamond as well as a variety of traditional music from several Spanish-speaking countries.