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Our Spanish Programs for Kids

FL4K's programs are about students being able to communicate in Spanish in the real world, enjoying all the benefits that knowing Spanish offers them.

✔️ 500+ online Spanish video lessons with high-quality comprehensible input, interactive conversations, tons of practice, quizzes, and games that build proficiency!

✔️ Hundreds of hands-on Spanish activities with ready-made printed resources.

✔️ Curriculums for Spanish and non-Spanish teachers & parents, with options for varying levels of involvement

✔️ Versatility for varied schedules and learning styles so every student is given the opportunity to learn Spanish.

Screenshot of fly swatter culture activity with prompt "¿Dónde está el delfín rosado?"

Online Games

Created uniquely to teach world languages, our online games play an important part in the education of our students. Unlike most games that are text based and made for general education, our students are thinking in Spanish and developing the kinds of quick reactions that are needed to converse in Spanish freely, which is our ultimate goal for your students.

This colorful town es pequeño y está en el centro de Colombia, on the shores of the Embalse Guatapé, un lago muy grande en Colombia. It’s famous for its streets lined with bright paintings of personas y personas on the lower halves of the homes.

Diving into diverse Hispanic cultures

Hispanic Culture

Our culture program focuses on diverse hispanic cultures from around the world, from traditions and customs of small indigenous groups to current trends in modern cities. Relevant topics of today, such as climate change and other global issues, as well as discussions and critical thinking skills round out the program. The program helps students of all ages make cultural connections as they learn Spanish. Topics, authentic resources, and cultural facts are purposefully chosen for kids to begin understanding the what (products), how (practices), and why (perspectives) across Spanish-speaking regions and start to think about how they compare with their own communities.

Winner of more than 21 top educational awards

Spanish Learning Videos for Kids

Our award-winning Spanish for Kids video series works! Here’s why:

  • Kids learn Spanish from other kids modeling Spanish in a fun story, filled with day-to-day situations that kids can relate to.

  • Kids learn Spanish through an ongoing, entertaining story about kids that hold their attention.

  • The immersive Spanish videos teach using short, manageable chunks of Spanish conversation in context and with visual aids that present the Spanish language in a way that’s easy for kids to understand.

  • Our Spanish videos for kids are based in part on psycholinguistic findings that kids learn language largely from other kids.

Activities for multiple grade levels

Spanish Workbooks, Card Games and Stickers in Spanish

Spanish Activities

With over 100 years of teaching elementary to AP Spanish, our teacher team has used their expertise to create a multitude (270+) of hands-on activities in Spanish to work in tandem with the online program. Whether you need activities in Spanish for daily or weekly classes, for small groups or students learning independently, we provide everything you need.

Everything also includes Spanish Workbooks, Card Games in Spanish, Teacher's Guides, Board Games in Spanish, Character Stuffed Animals, and Stickers in Spanish.

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Hear about the experiences of educators and students using FL4K.


James Bermudez

Pequannock Township School District, Pompton Plains, NJ

To me this is exactly what every single school district needs to implement into their foreign language programs. In an ideal world, every student would have access to FL4K.


A.M., elementary Spanish student

Monroe Township Public Schools, Williamstown, NJ

great website. You guys rock


Armando Quiroz

Somerset, NJ

FL4K actually engages students in listening, reading, writing, and speaking from the start. These skills are strategically and carefully cultivated throughout the program to maximize student engagement throughout multiple years of learning. I haven't seen anything else quite like it. It's truly an incredible program.


Charles, elementary Spanish student, Grade 4

Washington Township Public Schools, Sewell, NJ

this is soooooooooo cool


Suzette Minnich

Dana Point, CA

My kids and I very much enjoyed the Spanish program through FL4K. It was entertaining as well as educational. Also, as I am slightly computer “dsyfunctional”, Kit, was always very helpful. She always returned my phone calls and personally talked with me and helped me. I was vert grateful for that. As a homeschooling mom for over 25 years, I have seen a lot of programs and Spanish FL4K definitely ranks among my top favorites. I would highly recommend it.


Tracy Brady

Candor Central School District, Candor, NY

I would like to express how incredibly pleased we are with the program! The students are engaged and progressing so well!


Meredith Pence

St. Monica School, Whitefish Bay, WI

Everything is going awesomely with the program...The kids love it and parents are amazed at how much Spanish they're speaking at home! As a Spanish teacher for Kindergarten through 8th, I can't tell you how much easier this program has made my teaching. Thank you!!!


Cathy Duffy, Independent Reviewer of Homeschool Programs

Westminster, CA

Foreign Languages for Kids (FL4K) makes excellent use of technology in the new version of their program, now available as FL4K Spanish. I don’t know of any other online Spanish program for homeschoolers that has as much variety. It uses a conversational approach, with continuous practice and review in listening, reading, speaking, and writing along with some offline activities.


Dr. Steven Carey

Monroe Township Public Schools, Williamstown, NJ

No other program is anywhere near what you offer!!!! There are many more positives to FL4K than anything else out there!!!!!! I have kindergartners speaking Spanish after only a few weeks. The kids love it!!!!!!


Jennifer and Emma Morgan

Miami, FL

Your program was THE BEST program I could find on the internet and I researched and scoured. It has been a huge form of education and entertainment to both myself and my daughter. I just cannot say enough good things about it. Where can I leave a KILLER review? Thank you for everything and the most wonderful program out there!


Davene Wasser, homeschool parent

Charlottesville, VA

Our family loves FL4K! I searched for weeks to find an immersion program that we could do at home as homeschoolers. Most of the programs focused on memorization and my kids were reluctant to stick with any of them. Then we found this program and it's been absolutely phenomenal. Both of my children are eager to learn and have progressed quickly through the levels. They love the quizzes, the bloopers, and the characters and watch the funny scenes over and over again. I am especially impressed by the way that more advanced information is woven back through videos they have already seen.


Rose Armstrong, retired K-12 World Language Supervisor Washington Township Public School District

Sewell, NJ

FL4K has world language teachers, linguists, and their software development team working together to make a relevant communicative, proficiency-focused program that meets the needs of today's students and ACTFL guidelines. FL4K offers a district (or any school for that matter) so many options. They can use part of the program (like the games, activities or culture cards) or the entire platform. It can be used as a stand-alone option or a hybrid with a teacher. I see FL4K as the future for world language departments. The program blends teacher experience and interactive technology specifically designed for world language. That is a rare find!