Our Spanish Program

A complete multisensory and interactive experience for all grade levels

Learning through context and relatable experiences

Featuring kids using Spanish in real-life scenarios

Linguistic studies show that children learn language largely from other kids. Our award-winning video series teaches Spanish naturally, featuring kids modeling Spanish in situations kids relate to, such as family meals, sports, birthdays, and more. Humor added to an already-fun storyline draws students in and keeps them hooked!




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Why it works

Real kids, real life, real language

Built-in review

Learning through context and visual cues

Long-term retention

Adaptability to diverse learning styles

Immersive story-based learning

Award-winning Spanish & Chinese programs

What people say about our program

I teach 5 to 13-year-old students in Australia where Spanish is less commonly taught than in the US. FL4K has made Spanish more familiar, accessible and fun. All the students are learning the same material at different speeds but have the same content in common which has resulted in more Spanish being spoken in the whole school! Thank you Kit and team!

Amy Damminger, Spanish teacher, Darlington School, K-7

Seacombe Gardens, South Australia