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Elementary School

Elementary school is a critical time for students to develop the necessary skills and foundation for long-term success with Spanish — or any foreign language. Teaching elementary Spanish online reinforces teaching essentials, offers flexibility, helps in the development of new assessment strategies and provides opportunities for teachers to focus on individual interactions. When taught successfully, students will confidently and enthusiastically hit the ground running in middle-school Spanish and beyond.

Just wanted to check-in with you all and let you know that everything is going awesomely with the program. I'm so thankful to have the 4th and 5th grade making such great progress. The kids love it and my friends who are parents of the kids are amazed at how much spanish they are speaking at home just having fun with it.

- Meredith Pence, St. Monica School, Whitefish Bay, WI

Our elementary curriculum includes

Story-driven, immersive Spanish videos

  • Short, immersive videos present Spanish in contextual, fun, and relatable situations that elementary school children understand.
  • Students love the stories' characters in the stories and naturally imitate them, speaking Spanish spontaneously.
  • The Rapid Review Challenge videos — a student favorite — encourage elementary school students to speak Spanish without feeling self-conscious or translating, in a fun and exciting race-against-the-clock activity that builds students' confidence and enthusiasm.
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Games and activities to learn Spanish

  • Fly Swatter – a beloved game in the traditional world language classroom – made virtual upon request by, and created with, language teachers who offer elementary education.

  • Additional creative, fun and effective educational games made with teachers, such as interactive dialogues, Bounce!, and Question Round.

  • Customizable games allow any combination of audio, text, and image prompts & answers, for non-reader accessibility, immersion students, and differentiation.

  • Teaching elementary Spanish online allows students to compete for top scores, work together to achieve a new class or group high score, and play against other classes.

Aventuras culturales

  • Students explore 11 Spanish-speaking countries, featuring a variety of fascinating authentic resources.

  • Students can respond to open-ended questions and simple prompts through the built-in recorder.

  • Through simulated social media, older students can evaluate and finalize their recommendations for future adventurers.

The culture activity with a card featuring el delfin rosado and a yes-no prompt.

Spanish music

  • Traditional songs and dance music from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries are intertwined throughout the nine-levels.

  • Lively and entertaining songs by Charlotte Diamond, such as the beloved Soy una Pizza, teach Spanish as they appear throughout the new curriculum in elementary schools.

  • Through the catchy and dynamic songs in the program, students learn new Spanish vocabulary and grammar while improving their pronunciation.

Why it works

Teachers ❤️

customizing for the differentiated classroom

having a varied toolkit (one-stop-shop) that keeps students focused and interested

collaborating with other teachers to create their own customized material

reinforcing language and culture through a uniquely-scaffolded curriculum

using age-appropriate videos with comprehensible input

following the ACTFL roadmap for oral proficiency (Novice–Intermediate)

using the voice recording feature for individualized practice and demonstration of learning

having a program that can be used independently by students

most of all, that students love FL4K!

Students ❤️

being able to participate and speak Spanish right away

hearing, learning, and singing along with fun Spanish songs

role playing scenes from the videos

following the fun storylines and humorous characters in the Spanish videos

exploring the culture of the Spanish-speaking world with FL4K Aventuras culturales

playing the competitive and cooperative games that include unique perks

learning Spanish in a way that comes easily to them

doing so many activities that no two lessons are ever the same

most of all, coming to class and learning Spanish with FL4K!

As an elementary Spanish teacher, I can think of no finer tool for introducing foreign language than FL4K. The program is immersive, strategic, and lots of fun. My students were engaged, excited, and using the language outside of class with family and friends. That’s because FL4K delivers a coherent and authentic experience with characters the kids love and relevant situations that make them laugh and learn simultaneously. FL4K is a leap forward in foreign language acquisition for kids — and their parents, too!

- Anne Perry, Spanish teacher, WI Public Schools

I got all my materials and I am IN LOVE. They have made a complete difference. The kids I tutor love it, and their parents are very pleased!! Thank you!

- Isabella Gamez, Spanish tutor, Los Angeles, CA