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Spanish for Your Preschool

Adding a Spanish program to your preschool has never been easier. Our preschool Spanish lessons online provide better flexibility and improved time management. Whether you have a full- or part-time Spanish teacher — or don’t have a Spanish teacher at all — our new Spanish program for preschool is created with our youngest learners in mind, with age-appropriate activities focused entirely on speaking and listening skills. As a first-rate foreign language school for kids, we equip you with the latest teaching tools and techniques.

Our preschool program includes:

Immersive, story-driven videos

  • Children are naturally fascinated by other children.
  • The video stories in our preschool Spanish lessons online capture students’ attention.
  • Students love the ongoing story and the characters, who they will effortlessly imitate, speaking Spanish without realizing it.
  • Immersion is presented gradually and gently, at a natural but understandable pace, with clear contextual and visual cues to make the stories easy to follow.
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A variety of activities

  • Choose from a wide variety of multisensory activities for young children.

  • Online games include an audio-only setting for non-readers so they can also participate in fun, virtual games to learn Spanish.

  • The recording feature gives young students plenty of opportunities to speak Spanish and to hear themselves speaking Spanish in our interactive dialogues.

  • The hands-on activities we employ are highly effective for teaching Spanish online. They include active games, group activities, drawing and coloring, drama, and more.


  • Research shows that music is effective for language acquisition, an excellent tool for teaching Spanish online.

  • Young children learn Spanish without realizing it when they learn with fun and catchy Spanish songs.

  • Children sing along naturally and pick up the sounds of Spanish effortlessly.

  • The FL4K program includes lively and upbeat Spanish songs from songwriter Charlotte Diamond, as well as a variety of traditional music from several Spanish-speaking countries.

Why it works

Teachers ❤️


saving so much time by having all world language resources in one place


drawing from a wide variety of fun age-appropriate and multisensory activities


using the audio and recording features, allowing non-readers to participate fully in the program


choosing from pre-made lesson plans or customizing their own


having a program that works for Spanish teachers as well as teachers or caregivers who may not know Spanish


most of all, that students love FL4K!

Students ❤️


watching the kids in the videos being funny and silly


following along with the immersive stories in the videos without realizing they're learning Spanish


having fun with the variety of interactive hands-on and online educational games


listening to and singing along with the catchy Spanish songs


loving the animals in the videos, Grande and Pequeña — and of course, Squisher, the international inchworm!


most of all, being excited to come to school and learn Spanish with FL4K!

Pilar Fernández, parent

Mesa, AZ

I have wanted my kids to learn Spanish for years now, but did not know how to go about it. Your program is great, and is working! My kids are learning! Even my late talker 4 yr old is saying Spanish words. Thank you, thank you so much for creating this program!