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Language programs for any grade

The FL4K award-winning Spanish programs for kids are trusted by school districts, as well as private and charter schools, for learners in pre-K through high school. The program is structured so language and general education teachers can teach Spanish to kids effectively, whether online or on-site.

It can serve as a complete K-8 curriculum for weekly or daily instruction at foreign language schools for kids. In addition, it also features customizable games and activities that are an excellent supplement for the elementary, middle, or high school classroom.

Teaching that adjusts to the level of involvement

Independent learning

The FL4K program helps teachers and homeschoolers teach Spanish to kids online at home or in a classroom easily. Learners can go through the lessons independently, and facilitators can easily check their progress and scores to ensure that they learn and complete assigned activities.

Moderate involvement

For students who grasp new lessons better with moderate involvement, FL4K also provides facilitators with hands-on activities that they can introduce to smaller groups. Our fun Spanish activities include card games, drawings, activity pages, and worksheets. These are provided in our Teacher’s Guides and can be adapted for online learning.

Extensive involvement

FL4K also offers Spanish programs for kids who need or prefer to meet regularly as a class to complete hands-on activities. Teachers can choose these plans to provide their students with activities and games that best suit their learning styles. They can also assign personalized at-home activities based on the learners’ abilities and preferences.

State-of-the-art skill building

Writing, reading, speaking and listening

Speaking, listening, reading, and writing

Through our K-8 Spanish curriculum, kids develop their skills in all four communication areas: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our scaffolded videos, interactive online games, engaging cultural adventures, and activities using audio, text, image, and video prompts ensure kids have fun learning how to communicate in Spanish, whether at school or home.


Our Spanish programs for kids include frequent speaking opportunities throughout the program. Students participate in simulated dialogues, which include an automatic replay of the student speaking Spanish. They can also record themselves speaking Spanish in response to audio, text, or image prompts.


For foreign language schools for kids with more advanced Spanish skills, facilitators can also customize all instructions and materials, so they appear in the target language. In addition, all activities and assessments can be tailored to emphasize reading and writing skills.


The FL4K Spanish program is thoughtfully developed to help young learners write in the foreign language well. It offers activities that pose questions related to video stories, featured characters, real-world situations, and cultural adventures that students are encouraged to respond to through written answers.

Complete Spanish immersion

We provide you with creative and effective ways to teach Spanish to kids online and on-site, like our Aventuras culturales. This nine-level culture program is designed especially for immersion programs and more advanced students. Here, all instructions and content can be provided in Spanish, and students are given engaging topics so they can practice and expand their vocabulary and conversational skills. Moreover, students encounter situations involving critical thinking and problem solving, participate in discussions about real-world events, and explore diverse and exciting cultures.

The entire curriculum is taught with audio

Ready to take your school’s Spanish programs for kids to the next level by maximizing available multimedia materials? FL4K’s entire Spanish curriculum is presented to preschoolers audibly so they can learn with an integrated program that builds their developing skills and language proficiency. This can help schools teach the foreign language effectively, saving them from using different apps that don’t connect.


Isabella Gamez

Los Angeles, CA

I got all my materials and I am IN LOVE. They have made a complete difference. The kids I tutor love it, and their parents are very pleased!! Thank you!

Rina Bados, Spanish teacher

Woods Academy, Bethesda, MD

Thank you so much for everything. We really love the program!

Amy Ramminger, Spanish teacher

I teach 5 to 13-year-old students in Australia where Spanish is less commonly taught than in the US. FL4K has made Spanish more familiar, accessible and fun. All the students are learning the same material at different speeds but have the same content in common which has resulted in more Spanish being spoken in the whole school! Thank you Kit and team!

Anne Perry, Spanish teacher

Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee, WI

As an elementary Spanish teacher, I can think of no finer tool for introducing foreign language than FL4K. The program is immersive, strategic and lots of fun. My students were engaged, excited and using the language outside of class with family and friends. That’s because FL4K delivers a coherent and authentic experience with characters the kids love and relevant situations that make them laugh and learn simultaneously. FL4K is a leap forward in foreign language acquisition for kids — and their parents too!