Language programs suitable for any grade

The FL4K Spanish program is trusted by school districts, as well as private and charter schools, for students in pre-K through high school. The program is structured so it can be successfully taught by a Spanish teacher or general education teachers. It can be used as a complete curriculum throughout elementary school and Spanish 1 (K–8), for weekly through daily instruction. For all world languages, the customizable games and activities are an excellent supplemental resource for the elementary, middle, and high school classroom.

Teach with adjustable levels of involvement

Hands-off instruction

Students can learn entirely independently online, either at home or in a classroom. Facilitators can easily check student progress and scores and ensure that students are learning for the desired amount of time.

Moderate involvement

Facilitators can set up stations for small groups of students and explain the hands-on activities. Our activities include simple card games, drawings, activity pages, and worksheets. They are described in our Teacher’s Guides and can be adapted for online learning.

Engaged involvement

Students can regularly meet as a class and complete hands-on activities. Teachers can choose the activities and games that work best for them from the FL4K lesson plans. Teachers can also assign personalized at-home activities based on abilities and preferences.

State-of-the-art skill building

Speaking, listening, reading, and writing

In the Spanish curriculum, FL4K students build skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing through a variety of activities using audio, text, image, and video prompts. The combination of scaffolded videos, interactive online games, and engaging cultural adventures will help students build all four skills right from the start.


Our Spanish curriculum includes frequent speaking opportunities for non-readers, such as participating in simulated dialogues, which include an automatic replay of the student speaking Spanish, as well as recording themselves speaking Spanish in response to audio, text, or image prompts.


For more advanced Spanish-speaking students and heritage speakers, teachers can opt to have all instructions and materials in the target language, and customize activities to emphasize reading and writing practice and assessments.


Students gradually build writing skills in Spanish through responses to questions related to the video stories, a range of characters, real-world situations, and cultural adventures.

Complete Spanish immersion

For immersion programs and more advanced students, teachers can opt to have all instructions and content in Spanish, including our nine-level culture program, Aventuras culturales, which provides a breadth of topics for students to expand their vocabulary and conversational skills. Students will be presented with situations involving critical thinking and problem solving, discussions about real world events, and a variety of diverse cultures to explore together.

The entire curriculum is taught with audio

FL4K's entire Spanish curriculum is presented to preschoolers in audio so they can learn with an entire program, instead of with games on different apps that don't connect together to build language proficiency.

I have four children, ages 4-11, and they love your program. I even hear my 4-year old repeating Spanish words now during breakfast. Your program gave me the confidence to start Spanish with my children and it's been a great experience for us. Thank you!

- Katie Spiewak, parent, Mammoth Lake, CA